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Welcome to Holistic Emporium

Holistic Emporium is a leading South African wholesale company supplying Natural Essential Oils, Cold Pressed Carrier Oils, Professional Aromatherapy Massage Treatments and many other Aromatherapy products relating to the Health and Beauty Industry.

Since 2004 Holistic Emporium members and staff have had many fun filled times servicing our industry due to our passion for Aromatherapy and all that go with Holistic Wellbeing. We focused on sourcing the best overseas and local suppliers, to bring you, the practitioner the best products money can buy - to utilise in your practice, academy, health shop, salon, or spa.

Sourcing these oils is an ongoing priority for Holistic Emporium to meet with your exemplary standards of quality, so that you may give effective treatments.

Mission Statement

Holistic Emporium is dynamic supplier of Aromatherapy products and Service Company aimed at offering high quality, moderately priced, occasionally unusual oils or aromatherapy blends, using only natural ingredients. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment.

We aim to become regionally recognised Holistic Emporium name brand, capitalising on the sustained interest of the South African Aromatherapy Market. Our goal is to have annual growth, annual profitability and maintaining our sense of humor.